Design of complete lines

MBF handles the entire project management experience, from start to finish. This includes design and installation of the bottling line, with an eye on the entire production area to ensure the highest quality standard. Each project is assigned to a Project Manager who follows the job order from start to finish, assuming the role of contact point between the customer and all those involved at the company.

MBF takes the entire production process into consideration, including the arrival of empty bottles into the bottling area, to all stages of filling, capping, and labeling, to packing and shipping of the final product.

The project management is a large advantage to customers, offering a dedicated partner that will act in a timely manner on all issues involved with the bottling line.

Servizi progettazione
After-Sales Service

After-sale support is an integral part of MBF’s philosophy. From the original concept of a MBF product, our loyalty to our customers and to the equipment is of crucial importance. Our dedicated After-Sales Department displays a passion to ensure efficienty and longevity from your investment.

Customer support and service is paramount at every step throughout the process, even after the sale is complete.

The Assistance Service is divided into two sections: preventive and corrective. In the first case, a systematic monitoring of the machines, configurations, and complete lines at a customer site is performed.

In the second case, the service is carried out by technical personnel of sales representatives and local distributors who receive further training on a day-to-day basis; however, in more complex cases, personnel from the parent company are directly involved.

The scheduled periodic reviews help keep the machinery in perfect condition and ensure customers maximum and constant efficiency.

Servizi postvendita

The Assistance is guaranteedby:

  • support from the customer, provided by experienced technicians trained to solve mechanical, electrical, electronic or management software problems;
  • telephone support, the specialized technicians are able to respond in real time to a high number of customer needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality service;
  • remote online support, which can be activated only with the explicit consent of the customer and is payable in two ways: with connection via modem to the PLC of the machine or with real-time access to the software that manages the machine through the web platform.

Another important service offered for all types of MBF machines is our well-stocked supply of original spare parts.

Training center

Training, with both customers and distributors, is an equally important aspect of the company.

Education and machinery knowledge is shared in order to benefit everyone involved and maximize a machine’s performance.

MBF provides certified training courses at various levels, to the sales force and technicians of the headquarters, distributors and customers.

Servizi training
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