MBF’s story is all Made in Italy modelled on industriousness, ingenuity and audacity.

Antonio and Anita Bertolaso, together with COO Giuliano Boscaro, have brought an ancient family tradition into an exciting challenge: innovate the bottling industry. MBF was thus founded in 1997 and it immediately stood out for its strong identity and its ability to anticipate the needs of a rapidly changing sector.

Between globalisation and production ferment, MBF soon understood that in order to be singled out it is necessary to change mentality: become consultants as well as excellent machine manufacturers. Flexibility, expertise, rigour, design, technology, research: this is the genetic heritage that enables MBF to achieve ever-new standards in the bottling sector and be acknowledged as leader in the global market.

Working with the freedom to say what is on your mind and knowing that each thought will be heard. Thus, by working with our customers, we are able to achieve incredible results without compromising our values.

A special bond is formed between people and MBF, which is just like the bond between a company and its customers. This bond has always been about fairness, listening, honesty and integrity.

In the case of living matter, a standard machine is not enough.

Understanding and anticipating changes, this is the true meaning of research and innovation. All of our resources – designers, technicians, sales personnel, collaborators and customers – constantly discuss how to advance existing machines or develop new products.

However, having good ideas is not enough: from defining technical specifications to the feasibility study, from design to prototyping and testing, up to product release: the MBF method is applied to all new machines.

We all contribute to the results we achieve, which is why we believe in teamwork, but we also believe in the value of individuals. It is a stimulating and ambitious choice, which allows us to go beyond the machine with new awareness.

Only in this way can we deeply understand each aspect of the bottling process and thus work with passion, professionalism and expertise. These are the qualities that define our team: more than 160 people capable of working as a team to create something that is much more than just a product.

We can only do our best if we work in a stimulating environment that is designed to make everyone feel at ease. Working safely means operating with peace of mind and being able to focus on the more technical aspects of one’s role.

Taking action today to prepare for what will happen tomorrow is not something that only concerns work: leaving a better world for future generations means thinking and acting sustainably to safeguard people and the environment.

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A specific market

The MBF market is made up of small, medium and large companies, both Italian and foreign, operating generally in the wine, spirit and food liquid sectors.

As a result of its focus on preserving the quality of the product to be bottled, MBF has many leading national and international producers and groups among its references.

MBF in the world

Since 1997, MBF has maintained its leadership also through its own branches and an extensive network of national and international agencies through which it serves the global market.

The following branches are the points of contact for Argentina, Spain, the USA and the UK:

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