Fillmatic HP / HPT

Complete range of pressure isobaric filling machines for smooth wines, sparkling wines, beers and carbonated drinks, to be filled cold or room temperature, for both glass and PET bottles.

Are available in mechanical or electronic Tronic® configuration. The electronic version offers the possibility to customize and memorize the working parameters for each type of product and bottle.

The machine as a whole is much simpler and lighter than the mechanisms and external cams present in the normal version. The opening functions of the tap circuits are electronically controlled by means of pneumatic actuators.

Fillmatic hp hpt
Filler HP
  • Elimination of air in the bottle and pure gas inertization to obtain extremely low absorption of oxygen
  • High accuracy of the level in the bottle
  • Controlled degassing to ensure perfect product stability and channelled to guarantee a healthier environment for the operator
  • All the liquid input into the machine is entirely recoverable
  • Optimised format changeover times as a result of the high automation level and flexibility of the equipment
  • Perfect machine sanitisation thanks to the innovative, patented CIP device without using false bottles
  • Filling valve protection in the various processing phases
  • Automatic washing due to bottle explosion.
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